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This is a set of recordings made during and after the sunday church service. 01-04: recording during the church service. There are some songs and prayer. The actual sermon was not recorded. Lucy Abia leads the prayer and songs. Mickey Koko makes a number of announcements. 05-06: Abia Bai made some announcements about the upcoming visit of the member of parliament. Mickey Koko delivers a prayer. Abia described to a larger group of people his impressions from visiting Kiunga. This partly repeats what talked about in tci20150905. 07: walking back from the church with Kaumb Bai. 08-09: Visiting Kaumb Bai in his house later in the day. His daughter Trafe is catching coconuts thrown from a palm. Later in the recording he tells me about the death of his brother Marua Bai which occured earlier in the year. He also talks about the very hot dry season. Later he asks me for a favour, a bushknife. 10: The last recording consists of two stories told by Abia Bai. Only the first is transcribed and translated. The first story is about a boy who drowned in the 1960's in the Morehead river. This occurred when Abia was a small boy. Abia sits in his yard in Rouku facing south towards the river. The very same story was recorded, transcribed and translated with Marua Bai three years before tci20120904. This part transitons into a decription of mourning customs prompted by a few questions by CD. Abia then continues to tell a second story (at around 19 minutes into the video) which has not been transcribed. It is about a shotgun accident that occurred in the 1980's. A man had shot accidently another man from Rouku because he mistook him for a cassowary in the forest. The audio-file (tci20150906-10.wav) in the session has been exported for transcription from the complete video. All recordings made with a CANON XA10 with a mounted shotgun mic (RODE VIDEOMIC).