Preference and Timing

Scripts and additional files used for analyzing the raw EEG data in the Raw data node in the way reported in the paper. See Bögels_etal_explanation_Fieldtrip_Scripts.pdf for explanation.
Logfiles per participant from the EEG experiment, including performance on comprehension questions. See Results_task.xls for a summary. Logfiles per participant from the questionnaire administered after the experiment. See Answers_questionnaire.xls for a summary.
Files used in the experimental software Presentation and input lists for the EEG experiment and the questionnaire afterwards.
Documents including a description of the EEG procedure, an EEG agreement form that was signed by all EEG participants, an information sheet for participants that was sent to them after agreeing to participate, a template for the e-mails sent for recruiting participants, the instruction that participants read on the screen, and the debriefing that participants read after completing the EEG experiment and following questionnaire.
PDF of the PLOS ONE article, text of the news item posted on the MPI website about this article and SVG (AI) and TIF versions of the figures in the article.
Raw EEG recordings of participants while listening to questions offers, requests, proposals, and invitations from telephone conversations from the corpus of spoken Dutch CGN, followed by a silence of 300 or 1000 ms and a 'yes' or a 'no' from elsewhere in the corpus. Explanations about the markers in the files can be found in the file: Bogels_etal_explanation_EEG_data_files.pdf.
WAV-files presented to participants in all 4 conditions (see Explanation_of_stimulus_file_names.pdf) and instruction screens within the experiment.