Yélî Dnye picture description eye-tracker experiment (SMI eye-tracker, 2013)
Thursday July 11. Yidika and Leo Mboo were asked to talk with head mikes. Very desultory conversation. But very clear sound. River noise hardly audible, wind from time to time (audio settings 8).
Friday July 12. Head-mounted mike recordings, Elami and son, Elami and Taito, in a crowd while waiting for voting, Jinjo beach. Far too much third party intervention to be much use.
Monday July 15, 8.00 am. Cosmis Mgaangênê and Peter ‘Nóyââ – under Kpéékêêdî’s house. c. 45 mins. Head miukes. c. 45 mins. Conversation fine.
Thursday July 18, 8.00 am. Head mikes, ‘Naamono & Móótpi. c. 60 mins. Not very conversational, but good for stories and backchannel.
Friday July 19, 8.30 am. Head mikes, Cosmis Mgaangênê and his nephew Vyeewe. c. 50 mins.
Saturday July 20, 8.30 am. Wââwa, wife of John Kaawa, c. 35, and her niece, a girl Pyópwe, D of Pweegha. Head mikes. Probably no conversation, but the girl and older woman taking turns telling stories. c. 45 mins.
Sunday July 21, 4.30 pm. John Lêmonga (Maamywu) and Pikwa with head mikes. Stories, but conversational. c. 60 mins.
Saturday July 27, 10.00 am. Chênê and Markêm filmed with head mikes, chatting, for 1.5 hours. Good and informal, but surprisingly monologue like.
Monday July 29, 8.00 am – 9.30. Patsy Pyaata and Yaawa, chatting with head mikes.
Tuesday July 30, 8.00-9.00 am. Fatima (Pweegha’s W) & Betty (Nmgidimuwó, Sonny Mgaalim’s W), headmikes, while waiting for eye-tracking.
Tuesday July 30, 9.00-10.30 am? Maryjane (Nkpéwa, Cosmis W) and Velma (Pyââmo, W of Mitchell Mgaanjênê), headmikes while waiting for eye-tracking task.
Monday August 5, 8.00 - 9.00 am. Pule & Nkoongmaa (sons of David Kót:a), head mikes while waiting for eye-tracking task.
Monday August 5, 9.00 - 10.00 am. Kumulum & Nkoongmaa, head mikes while waiting for eye-tracking task.
Tuesday August 6, c. 10.00 - 1.00. Kpaakpaa for Yaamwele, of Kwonichu, Wulînkîgh:ê. Son of Muwó. He started a village with other Nkwodo clan members, so this is a Nkwodo stronghold – we came with Jinjo nkwodo’s. The wife is Lumu clan. The yey had already started by the time we came. Yaamwele was accused of being a sorcerer and dying from his own magic turned against him. Nini from Saman (with high hat) appears to be a Ngeta, or anti-sorcerer, and spoke a lot. Others include Tââlaa, who worked together with Yaamwele on the mainland, Yidika, Mboo, Max, and others. Kevin from P:uum and Nini especially spoke in parables. The hitting of relatives and dueling with banana trunks and cutting down of trees, captured on film.
Wednesday August 7, Mbii danêmbum ‘N:aankwódu. The boy’s father (Joseph) is from Yonga, but he grew up here and Abeleti (Rita Vyepyââ his mother was from there, and in Nkwodo clan). His father asked him to make a home at Yonga, but he was chased out by jealous locals putting chaa vyi on his gardens and killing chickens, and making him ill (Teyoo had offered him to settle under his wing, but the boy chose otherwise). Sickness might be Gheme pi or Kpede, i.e. witchcraft. He is married to a Damenu girl. He fled here, and the hearing basically decided that (a) he shouldn’t go back to Yonga, (b) he should start again in Abeleti where his family has land rights, (c) Lêmonga should give him traditional medicine. Kennis Kaambwa, Leo Mboo, Yidika, Taakê, Y’s uncles all in force: Regius Telewê summed things up. c. 2 hours for the hearing proper, then a 20 minute conversation after (it went on, but I skipped out to continue work).


Stephen C. Levinson (2013). Item "Video" in collection "Levinson". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-04-15)

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