DatatypeThere are production data from the following text types:

  •  free conversation (session names like: P-D??K?-???)
  •  narratives: retellings of the content of silent films, and personalnarratives (session names like: P-D??E?-???)
  •  opinions and attitudes: discussion of learners' attitudes towardstopics of general interest (like common law marriage) (session names like: P-D??M?-???)
  •  instruction: the learner has to instruct a native speaker how toact out some scene, or construct some object (session names like: P-D??I?-???)
  •  problem solving: the learner has to imagine a difficult situation(e.g. being in a foreign country and loosing money and documents) and tofind and discuss a solution (session names like: P-D??P?-???)
  •  description: picture descriptions and a description of the distributionof furniture in a flat (session names like: P-D??D?-???)



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