General Documentation

Some Trobriand people point at various directions
Soundscapes 1982-1983
The video documents the village in 2004
This film presents some impressions during a day in Tauwema 1992: visit of Melanesian Discoverer, children play, ninikula - cat's cradle, shells (that play a role in a story told by Pulia), songs, etc.
a day in Tauwema - some impressions with German comments
Some impressions - a day in Tauwema 1993
This short video shows a man (Tokuyumila) on the reef at nicht who is fishing with a torch (-kedagi- in Kilivila).
The people of Kiriwina Island celebrate the 100 years anniversarz of the United Church mission in Kaduwaga. The first missionary on the Trobriands was Fr. Bromilo.