S. Eisenbeiss

The data collection for this cross-sectional corpus is based on ongoing recordings of elicitation games. All of these 17 games are targeted at constructions involving dative-marked arguments as well as various types of psychological verbs and possessive constructions.
The L-Family Corpus The data collection for this longitudinal corpus started in December 1998. From June 1999 on, about 4 hours have been recorded every week. Two types of data have been obtained during these recording sessions: (1) spontaneous speech of children, parents, and guests collected during meals and free play, and (2) semi-spontaneous speech from elicitation games targeted at various noun-phrase- and clause types. The family currently consists of four children and two educated middle-class adults (mother and father). Focal Child Gender Age sampled Lenny male from 5;2 Leon male from 2;0 Liam male from birth Luna female from birth


Family, Simone Schmitz, KD, Kathrin Delhougne, MB, Nikola Koch, RF, and Marcus Bouquet (1999 - 2003). Collection "S. Eisenbeiss". The Language Archive. https://hdl.handle.net/1839/00-0000-0000-0000-0764-1. (Accessed 2024-05-20)

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