Release notes

Most recent releases:

July 6, 2021: Release 6.2

This release contains a few new features and several bug fixes.

The main changes are:

  • an Import WebAnnotation JSON File function was added, the export function has been updated
  • more extensive error reporting from the native part of the media players, a checkbox for some player frameworks to enable debug mode (to be used for troubleshooting only, there is a performance cost)
  • the Annotation Density Plot now applies the colors defined in a controlled vocabulary for annotations based on a CV entry
  • the Add New Participant function now also copies fonts and colors of the copied tiers
  • in the Edit List of Languages window it is now possible to use two letter codes for a custom language (ISO 639-1 codes are not yet provided as a list to select from)
  • in Export List of Words there are now options to include total word count, unique word count and frequency in terms of percentage

The fixes and minor changes are:

  • in Structured search multiple eaf single quotation marks or apostrophes (')(and some other characters) in a query are now properly escaped and can be searched for
  • in the JMMFMediaPlayer (Windows) using mp4 files with more than two tracks or streams (e.g. from a GoPro) should no longer cause a hard crash
  • on some macOS systems the new feature of direct waveform extraction from video could freeze the user interface after a while (due to a low level problem in AVFoundation)
    • Note: instead of freezing, the waveform will show a flat line if the low level error occurs. It is then best to extract a .wav file from the video and link it as additional media file (as was necessary until ELAN 6.0). Or disable the waveform visualization via View->Viewer->Signal Viewer.
  • on Windows opening a selection in Praat didn't work anymore, this is fixed now
  • in Export as FLEx File font names containing a - in their name, should now export correctly to the languages section
  • display performance improvement in the Timeline viewer in case of a large amount of annotations (especially of the symbolic subdivision type)
  • play selection with VLC player on Linux sometimes wouldn't stop at the end of the selection, this is now improved

July 15, 2021: Release of Simple-ELAN 1.4

This is a maintenance release which is functionally almost the same as the 1.3 release. It includes a newer Java version (OpenJDK 14) and has the latest updates of the main ELAN distribution.

The main changes are:

  • minor changes in the behavior of the VLC player, harmonizing it with that of other player frameworks
  • attempts are made to solve a problem with the video not scaling to its designated size
  • like in ELAN, on Windows and macOS a waveform is now also shown if a video is linked without a .wav file
    (there are some known issues on macOS with this, see the release notes of ELAN 6.2)

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