Release notes

Most recent releases:

Nov 06, 2023: Release 6.7

This is a bug fix release which aims at removing the cause of a few reproducible cases of freezing of the application.

This mainly concerns some (fairly specific) text edit actions in both Transcription and Annotation Mode and in switching between these modes. Related to this, the inline edit box in the Timeline viewer now, by default, remains within the boundaries of the view area. Even if the annotation itself is wider than the view area, the edit box is limited to the width of the view and remains in the view area when scrolling. A menu item in the right mouse context menu allows to switch back to the old behaviour.

The main other changes are:

  • a new option in the Media preferences panel allows to specify that a detached video window should not always remain on top, but instead is allowed to disappear behind other windows
  • a new option has been added to the export to subtitle text, allowing to export a separate subtitles file for each selected tier
  • the find & replace window should now close when the corresponding transcription window is closed
  • clicking a hit in the multiple file search result table should now jump to the correct annotation
  • the Filter Tier dialog now stores and restores filters as a preference

July 15, 2021: Release of Simple-ELAN 1.4

This is a maintenance release which is functionally almost the same as the 1.3 release. It includes a newer Java version (OpenJDK 14) and has the latest updates of the main ELAN distribution.

The main changes are:

  • minor changes in the behavior of the VLC player, harmonizing it with that of other player frameworks
  • attempts are made to solve a problem with the video not scaling to its designated size
  • like in ELAN, on Windows and macOS a waveform is now also shown if a video is linked without a .wav file
    (there are some known issues on macOS with this, see the release notes of ELAN 6.2)

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