Release notes

Most recent releases:

May 16, 2024: Release 6.8

This is a bug fix and code maintenance release.

The main changes are:

  • a refactoring of the Automatic Backup system:
    • automatic backup can now be switched on and off, application wide, in a submenu of the File menu
    • the same submenu gives access to the new Automatic Backup preferences panel. This panel now combines in one place configuration options that were located in different panels or submenus before
    • a new option was added that allows to specify one folder for all automatic backup files (instead of the folders where the .eaf files are located)
    • an option has been added to the File menu to restore or open a backup file (with extension .eaf.00x) and save it with a Save As action
  • the import of tab-delimited text and .csv files can now be combined with a .etf template file (experimental). Annotations will be imported into tiers of the template as much as possible, based on exact same tier names. Attempts are made to enforce the tier constraints defined in the template, but this might easily fail e.g. in case of many hierarchical levels.
  • in the Comments viewer, deleted comments would sometimes re-appear after a while. This should no longer be the case.
  • on macOS removing a linked video file could cause a crash, this should now be safe again
  • the extensions for the AVATeCH/AUVIS audio and video recognizers, that were available as web services running on MPI servers, have been removed. The services have been taken offline (as announced towards the end of last year).
  • the option to access the TypeCraft web service has been removed, it wasn't functional anymore
  • a privacy policy document is now available online and an item has been added to a Help sub-menu to open it in a browser
  • developers of audio/video recognizer extensions may have to recompile their extension due to small changes in the supporting code

June 06, 2024: Release of Simple-ELAN 1.5

This release follows on the changes in the Automatic Backup system introduced in ELAN 6.8.

The main changes are:

  • automatic backup can now be switched on and off, application wide, in a submenu of the File menu
  • the related preferences panel is accessible in Simple-ELAN too, via the same submenu
  • a separate version for Apple Silicon macs (M1, M2 etc.) is now available
  • includes a newer Java version (OpenJDK 22)

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