Release notes

Most recent releases:

July 04, 2022: Release 6.4

This release contains a few new features and several bug fixes.

The main changes are:

  • support for calling a pre-configured WebLicht tool chain using a stored tool chain file
  • a new export to an Annotation Server has been added. Annotations are uploaded in W3C Web Annotation format (experimental).
  • the support for external references from annotations and CV entries has been extended:
    • a menu item in the Annotation menu allows to set a reference to an external resource
    • right clicking the active annotation shows a Show in Browser or Open in default application menu item if there is such a reference
    • when the external resource is a video, hovering the mouse pointer over the annotation with the CTRL key pressed, the video is shown inline in the (Timeline) viewer.
  • on Linux and macOS audio samples can now be extracted from video using embedded FFmpeg libraries
  • in the Platform/OS preference panel, a separate group has now been created for audio extraction from video. The option None disables this feature, the other option(s) depend on the platform.
  • in the export to FLEx, three-letter language codes for languages that have a two-letter equivalent, are replaced by the two-letter code
  • added support for float type of .wav files

The fixes and minor changes are:

  • the custom scrollbars in the Timeline viewer have been replaced by a standard scroll pane. Especially vertical scrolling should be smoother (this still depends on the system). The zoom slider in the right bottom corner had to be removed for this.
  • fixed manual setting of a custom frame rate (especially on macOS)
  • extended the options for a custom video aspect ratio, added options for vertical, portrait videos
  • removed superfluous tab characters in the tab delimited text export
  • cleaned up or removed several features based on web services
  • fixed a bug in Transcription mode occurring in less common tier type set-ups

July 15, 2021: Release of Simple-ELAN 1.4

This is a maintenance release which is functionally almost the same as the 1.3 release. It includes a newer Java version (OpenJDK 14) and has the latest updates of the main ELAN distribution.

The main changes are:

  • minor changes in the behavior of the VLC player, harmonizing it with that of other player frameworks
  • attempts are made to solve a problem with the video not scaling to its designated size
  • like in ELAN, on Windows and macOS a waveform is now also shown if a video is linked without a .wav file
    (there are some known issues on macOS with this, see the release notes of ELAN 6.2)

Earlier releases