Language Acquisition / Development

The Language Acquisition Department was headed by Wolfgang Klein from 1980 until 2015. The corpora of the Language Acquisition Group include first (L1) as well as second language (L2) acquisition data from children and adults. Content: First (L1) & second language (L2) acquisition data, longitudinal & snapshot data, children & adults data, control data of native speakers of different languages, spontaneous and elicited data, partly transcribed and annotated data, additional info files (e.g. project or language description). Data of following languages are available: Czech (L1 & L2) - Chinese (L1) - Dutch (L2) - English (L1 & L2) - French (L2) - German (L1 & L2) - Hindi (L1) - Russian (L1) - Swedish (L2) - Tamil (L1) - Tzeltal (L1)
The researchers of the Language Development department, led by Caroline Rowland, build and test models of language acquisition that address the central question: How do the learning mechanisms in children’s brains use information in their environment to build mature linguistic knowledge?
The Language 0-5 project was a multi-methodological longitudinal cohort study that tracked the language development of 90 English-learning children from 6 months to 4;6 years. Its goal was to establish how differences in processing abilities interact with linguistic knowledge, socio-cognitive skills and the environment to predict individual differences in language acquisition. This collection contains all data for which the children’s caregivers gave permission for sharing including summary datasheets for data from questionnaires, diaries and experimental tasks, raw audio and audio-video recordings, and transcripts of (some of) the recordings in CHAT or ELAN format. The collection also includes readme documents both for the project itself and for each of the measures, and copies of materials and publicity images and videos.
Users of this collection must cite the following reference. Rowland, C.F., Bidgood, A., Durrant, S., Peter, M., & Pine, J. M. (unpub.). The Language 0-5 Project. Unpublished manuscript, University of Liverpool.