Welcome to The Language Archive

The Language Archive (TLA) is an integral part of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen. It contains various types of materials, including: audio and video language corpus data from languages around the world; photographs, notes, experimental data, and other relevant information required to document and describe languages and how people use them; records of speech in everyday interactions in families and communities; naturalistic data from adult conversations from endangered and under-studied languages, and linguistic phenomena.

Language Diversity

Collections of a large number of languages spoken around the world

DOBES Archive

The DOBES Documentation of Endangered Languages collections

Language Acquisition/Development

Studies on how children and second language learners acquire a language

Sign Languages

Several collections of sign languages, including the corpus NGT

Casual Speech

The Nijmegen corpora of casual speech in Czech, Dutch, French and Spanish


Studies on multilingualism