New Archive Solution

On March 5th 2018 we launched a new software solution for The Language Archive. This solution is based on existing open source software (Islandora, Fedora Commons), in addition to which it includes a custom built data deposit facility. It is jointly developed by the MPI for Psycholinguistics and the Meertens Institute

Some of the main features of the new system:

  • a new archive browser with "faceted search" to quickly find materials of your interest
  • a "repsonsive" layout that adapts itself to the available screen size, e.g. on mobile devices
  • a web-based deposit interface as an integral part of the archive browser, for those users with the "depositor" role
  • connection to a "nextcloud" cloud storage instance hosted at MPI, offering Dropbox-like functionality for uploading materials
  • built-in viewers for certain data types (video, audio, images, PDF)

The first release however does lack some of the functionality of the former "LAT" system, such as:

  • indication of access levels
  • an access request function to directly apply for acces to restricted files
  • a citation function
  • a function to download multiple files at once in a zip file
  • content search of annotations/transcriptions (previously offered via the Trova search engine)
  • visualisation of annotated media (previously offered via the ANNEX viewer)

This functionality will be added in future updates.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the new system, please let us know via the contact form.

If you are interested in the technicalities of the new system, please have a look on GitHub.