Primary data

Primary whole genome sequencing data (fq.gz and bam) for individuals from dyslexia families 259 and 352.
One tar file per exome. Each tar contains three folders: clean_data (.fq.gz; statistics); result_alignment (.bam; SummaryTable.xls); result_variation (.vcf and annot.xls for snps and indels). Project.preview.tar: contains the BGI report of their exome sequencing pipeline and summary statistics of the samples.
BGI output (FastaQ, BAM, vcf) for ten exomes of the Xlinked dyslexia family (259).
Bam files and output from the Human Genetics' pipepile for two individuals from family 259.
Whole exome data for two individuals from family 259. Sequencing and variant calling as provided by the Human Genetics (Radboud UMC).
Linkage information for three dyslexic families from Human Genetics. Information organized by family. For one of them (352) there is also chip genotyping from 29 August 2014.
Primary data used for linkage analyses for the dyslexia families 259, 352 and 046. Microsatellite data for families 259, 352, 046, as received from Human Genetics (Radboud UMC). Genotyping data for family 352, as received from Eurofins (2014).


Amaia Carrión Castillo and Clyde Francks (2013 - 2020). Item "Primary data" in collection "Dyslexia families (linkage/NGS)". MPI for Psycholinguistics Archive. (Accessed 2024-06-24)

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