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By downloading and using ELAN you agree to cite ELAN in any publication based on research in which ELAN has been used. You can cite a paper or cite as software, e.g. as follows:
"ELAN (Version 5.9) [Computer software]. (2020). Nijmegen: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. Retrieved from"
OS Download Format Description
Windows ELAN 5.9
Simple-ELAN 1.3
[.exe] [.zip]
Installer (.exe) and unpack-and-run (.zip) version both include a Java 11 runtime.
Requires: 64-bit, Windows 10, 8, Vista, 7(?)
macOS ELAN 5.9
Simple-ELAN 1.3
Zip files containing a .app which includes a Java 11 runtime.
Requires: 64-bit, macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher
Linux ELAN 5.9
Simple-ELAN 1.3
[.tar.gz] [.deb]
[.tar.gz] [.deb]
Archive files or Debian installers, all including a Java 11 runtime.
Requires: 64-bit, tested on Ubuntu 19.10
All Source code of ELAN 5.9 [.zip] Archive containing the source files and a Maven build script. Requires: Maven 3.3 >, OpenJDK 9 >
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Alternative sites
USA download mirror Mirror site for ELAN downloads.
ELAN with CorpAfroAs extension Download site for ELAN 5.1.2 with CorpAfroAs extension.
Other source code and documentation
LEXAN API The LEXAN API source code (extension mechanism for NLP/text processing, version 0.8)
AV Recognizer API The Audio/Video Recognizer API and demo package (version 4)
Lexicon extension API (Preliminary) Lexicon extension "API" demo package