Access Levels

The Language Archive distinguishes 4 different access levels. These indicate the general accessibility of files, rather than the specific accessibility for any given user. Because different files within a bundle can have different access levels, the access level filter will show results if at least one file within a bundle has a given access level.

The 4 access levels are as follows:

  • Open These files can be accessed directly by anyone without having to log in or register.
  • Registered These files can be accessed directly by anyone who is logged in with a valid user account. This can be an account specifically for The Language Archive, or an account from one of the associated academic organisations when using the "Login via Shibboleth" option.
  • Academic These files can be accessed directly by all academic users. These are users that log in with an academic account or whose academic status has been (manually) verified.
  • Restricted Access to these files needs to be requested using the contact form. Please include a link to the requested materials when filling out the form. In most cases we will need to contact the depositor, which may take some time. Once we hear back from them we will inform you about whether or not you will be granted access to the materials.

Please note that the access level says nothing about the licensing terms for the resource. E.g. files that can be accessed by anonymous users typically still have some restrictions in terms of their usage or re-distribution, i.e. they are generally not in the "Public Domain". Please contact us with any questions you may have about usage or re-distribution.