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Story of the cuscus and the wind
Interview w Imam from Samang about Peacebroking undertakings
Minimal Pairs - w & p
Haji Muraha about islam history and being reluctant to share
Meaning of "jar"
Sentence elicitation DjonlerSA 1
Children playing with marbles
Follow up interview about genealogy with Gani Baubesi
Positional verbs
Names for fish 16
Wau singing bela song Kolmata Maubari Jurun
Childrens story told by Imam from Samang
Haji Muraha at village site Salfani, Wasir
Verb elicitation 20130917
Young women extracting coconut milk
Numeral Classifiers
Autobiography Kolajuin Watifuai part 2
Autobiography Nanang Reubun
Fish names in fish catalogue
Tankuna Mih