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Autobiography Fatima Matarain
Bela and Saba songs w Imam
Ajaka Baubesi Saya Orang Ujir
Pearl company in southeast closing down
Imam looking at photographs from 2013
Text in bhs Ujir about death and funeral
Interview about death and funeral
Autobiography Sadar Bawbesi
Visting ancestral site: Baruruk To.oni
Women and children in east Ujir
Interview with Ali Walay
Daily life
Prayers at circumcision rituals
Smoking sea cucumber
Interview w Jafar Old Ujir village
Fatima Bolibole Saya Orang Ujir
Autobiography Sampar Bolibole
Meeting on second day of peace broking
Baubesi people in old Ujir village site
Performing "Sasi" - ritual taboo - against violence