Data Revisions in 2009

The web site has been updated to include some references to the Sign Linguistics Corpora Network, in particular the workshop on metadata that took place in November 2009.

Additions to the ECHO corpus in 2007

  • New NGT annotation files

    Two new annotation files have been been added to the corpus, for the first two NGT fables signed by Bea Bouwmeester (BB). We thank Marlies Vink of the Dutch Sign Centre for her annotation work. Note that these files do not strictly follow the ECHO annotation conventions, and are only complete in the right hand gloss tiers.

    With these annotation files we will soon include the ELAN preferences files (extension .pfsx); by downloading these as well and putting them in the same folder as the annotation and movie files, you ensure a uniform layout when you first open the files (including the order of the tiers in the timeline viewer, the color of the tier labels, etc.). We hope to inlude preferences files for the whole ECHO corpus in the near future.

    Should you also want to add (extra) annotation files to the existing movies, please get in touch with in the form indicated above.