Kerinci, Sungai Penuh

Di warung
at the Hasmini's living room.
in Eni's living room.
in the bed room.
in the Eti's livingroom.
in the living room.
in the Fadlul's bedroom, in the evening.
in the kirman's livingroom. talking about Lebaran.
having a conversation in the kitchen; Eni's home.
in the Hendri house building, talking about a daily conversation.
talking about disease of Pak.Cik and my father also about raffle and daily conversation.
in Mahmud's house, talking about my father, family, and daily conversation.
talking about Tajudin's family especially his youngest son, about politics, his life and daily conversation.
talking about Didik's activity, sometimes to discuss about Sungai Penuh tradition or "pernò", and talking about daily conversation.
talking about kinship, the Rafwan's cattle, and the weather in Kerinci.
in Eti's living room night, they talking about Fadlul's father who was died 3 days ago, they talking about the planning of Fikah wedding party, and daily conversation.
in the Fadlul's hause yard, talking about food and daily conversation.
We are talking about Roma doing in everyday and talking about his friend problem, then we are talking about the election in Indonesia, and we are talking about daily conversation.
in the Hendri's house, they are talking about Indonesian election, Hendri planning to journey in Kerinci tourism with his friend, and also about daily conversation.
talking about Cintya wedding.