Landscapes and Sites

It shows one of the shoreline villages where the Haro people resettled after migrating from Gidicho Island. The village is found to the west of Gidicho Island and by the time this video was recorded the Haro inhabitants of the village were only four households. Other inhabitants of the village includes people that belong to the Wolaita, Gamo and Oromo ethnic groups. The village is known by the name Shinkiko.
In the past this place has functioned as a meeting place for ritual leaders from Shigima, Bayso and Haro. In Haro language this place is called ‘songo’. As filmed in April 2014, it appears that the ‘songo’ is already flooded due to the raising water level of Lake Abaya and cannot be seen in its original state. Thus this video shows the ecological circumstance of the lake and the island as well as the history of the respective site. This video was planned and shows a formerly used part of the land next to the Haro village in Gidicho in the east of the island.