Emmanuel Ngue Um is working on the Kola variety spoken in the Basaa region. The variety in this region is influenced by the Basaa language, a Bantu A40 language, and differs from other Kola/Gyeli varieties.
Data in this collection has been collected by Nadine Grimm in the Gyeli region which is in close contact with the Bulu language (Bantu A70). Gyeli speakers of this area are all fluent in Bulu, while Gyeli/Kola speakers of other contact areas such as the Basaa area, may not speak Bulu. Influences from Bulu can be seen in some lexical choices as well as in code-switching patterns. The data in this collection stems from two geographic locations, namely the villages Ngòló (or Nko'olong in the Bulu language, serving as official name) and Bomnapenda (or Bomlafenda in Bulu). Ngolo is the Gyeli village that provided the descriptive data for Nadine Grimm's dissertation, a grammar of Gyeli...
Data attached to this note has been recorded in the Kwasio contact region. The Gyeli variety spoken in the Kwasio contact region is heavily influenced by the two Kwasio dialects Ngumba and Mabi, depending on the location of the Bagyeli village. Bagyeli villages along the coast are influenced by Mabi while those inland alongside the road to Lolodorf are influenced by Ngumba. The following subnodes are villages names; we organize our data according to dialects and places/villages where the data has been recorded.