DOBES Archive for the Beaver Language DOBES-Archive for the Beaver Language

The archive has been created by the DOBES-project for the documentation of the Beaver language together with the Beaver First Nations communities of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. The archive is open for all materials relating to the Beaver language, regardless of variety, creator or depositor. If you are interested in depositing materials, please contact the archive manager. The original documentation team consisted of Dagmar Jung, Julia Colleen Miller, Patrick Moore, Gabriele Müller and Olga Müller (now Lovick),. They were joined by Carolina Pasamonik. Kate Henessey has also been involved in the documentation. More information on the language and the project can be found at our website: DoBeS - Beaver.

Copyright note

The materials deposited in this archive have been provided by speakers of Beaver subject to the condition that it is for non-commercial use only. There can be no use or public dissemination of this material without the permission of the current curator of the archive.See also: http://www.mpi.nl/DOBES/ethical_legal_aspects/When quoting materials from this corpus in a publication, please give the following reference as your source: Dagmar Jung, Julia Colleen Miller, Patrick Moore, Gabriele Müller, Olga Müller (now Lovick) & Carolina Pasamonik, 2004-present, DoBeS Beaver Documentation, DoBeS Archive MPI Nijmegen, http://www.mpi.nl/DOBES/

What to expect in this documentation

The data contained in this documentation and the levels of annotation are very heterogeneous. The recordings range from videos of traditional activities such as hide-tanning, drying meat or berry picking, over stories of various genres to elicitation sessions that cover aspects of the grammar and the lexicon.Some of the annotations are ad-hoc transcripts while others have been more carefully rechecked. In the beginning of the documentation fairly little was known about the Beaver language, especially about the Alberta dialects which is reflected in some of the older transcripts that have not been rechecked.

Archive structure and Data-retrieval

There are several ways to find data in the corpus. First, you can browse the corpus by clicking on the nodes on the left, this will gradually unfold the structure of the archive (a short introduction can be found here). An overview of this structure is displayed in the entirely unfolded tree below:

Furthermore, you can search the metadata or the annotations with two different tools by right-clicking on a node in the corpus. You can use the IMDI metadata search to search e.g. by speaker or genre (IMDI-intro) or you can search for words or phrases with the annotation content search (ANNEX).


The access to metadata is open. However, to access the resources, please consult the Access-page in our archive.


If you encounter problems or notice errors or inconsistencies while browsing the corpus, please contact DOBES-Beaver.