08 Language - Lengua

These files constitute the contribution on Lowland Chontal to a standardized series of descriptions of the languages of Mexico. (see www.colmex.mx/alim/) 00_abreviaturas Abbreviations used in the ALIM contribution. 01_mapa Map of where the Chontal speakers live. 02_fonologia Description of the phonology, with phonemes, allophones, and major processes. 03_fono_transcripcion Transcription of a recording of two speakers pronouncing words from a list designed to show phonological contrasts. 04_fono_audio 05_narr_chontal Narrative by an excellent speaker of Chontal. The story tells of the clumsy wooing style of a young man and the scolding he gets from his would-be sweetheart. 06_narr_audio...
Phonology studies, Estudios de la fonologia
Data collected mostly with non-verbal stimulus tools. Much of this work is on the MPI corpus. Go back to the main browser and follow the nodes to :: MPI Corpora \ Language and Cognition \ mesoamerica \ Chontal \ O'Connor, Datos colecionados principalmente con herramientos no-verbales de estímulo. Mucho de este trabajo se encuentra en el corpus del MPI. Hay que volver a la página de entrada y seguir los pasos a :: MPI Corpora \ Language and Cognition \ mesoamerica \ Chontal \ O'Connor