The file Imdeduya_song.wav documents the refrain and the first stanza of the Imdeduya song, sung by the children Towesei (6 years old), Eremia (7y), Imkubul (11y), (Yabilosi (5y), Igiobibila (6y), Olopola (8y), Emi (11y), Kwelubituma (5y) and other children in 1983. The file Imdeduya_Song_Gunter_Senft_Version.wav documents Gunter Senft’s version of the song. Gunter Senft holds the copyright for this version of the song.
The file Gerubara_Imdeduya_Myth.wav documents Gerubara’s (39 years of age) Imdeduya tale – a “kukwanebu tommwaya tokunabogwa” – a story of the old men in former times, which he told in January 1983.
The file Tauwema_1983_T25_T25A.wav first documents Vaka’ila’s garden magic with G. Senft’s comments and then Mokopai’s version of the Imdeduya myth. The first part of this version of the myth starts at 11.30 and ends at 47:36 – with line 499 of the morpheme interlinear transcription; the second part of the myth starts at 47:53 – with line 488 of the morpheme interlinear transcription – and ends at 1:11:43. Mokopai, Gerubara’s uncle, was a man in his late 50s who lived in Kaduwaga village on Kaile’una Island. He told the Imdeduya myth – “liliu” – in April 1983.
The file sail_the_midnight_sun.wav documents excerpts from the tape “Sail the Midnight Sun. Musical Highlights from the Raun Raun Theatre stage production linked by excerpts from the poem , read by the author John Kasaipwalova” published by John Kasaipwalova and Greg Murphy in 1980. Unfortunately the last part of this magnetic tape disintegrated during the digitization process (the tape ends with Episode 4 of Part III of the poem; see appendix V of the book)