Free conversation of two female deaf signers in the lab, mainly about experiences abroad., Conversation topics cover: - critisicm of sign language interpreters' training program - interest in education as NGT teacher (HBO) - personal experiences - wintersport (skiing and snowboarding) - holiday plans of both participants for the months of May with potential options in France and Ibiza (discussion about flat vs. holiday house) - travel experiences from Australia + potential plans of going to New Zealand - Volunteer work in Suriname - personal life: aging, involvement in the deaf community - handtheater (excursions/theater performance/Open Podium) - criticising teachers (requirements of language level of B1 or B2) - various deaf regions in the NL: Goningen, Eindhoven, Amsterdam - Tiel area: drving a car - Amsterdam: living in this place - winning the lottery - support of the (language) development of deaf children - 6 former deaf fellow students + reports about their NGT signing skills - NGT vs. NmG - CI - wayong payments - making use of the voice for applications and official documents (aanvraag) - teachers - plans for the future (dreams and wishes) - cooking and eating habits - Indonesian culture from a dutch perspective - communication with familiy in law (using a regional sign language variation) - choice of deaf school (personal opinions) - assisted living - type of education influences your personality - making phonecalls, 3 different camera settings available, bring a friend study
Free conversation of a male and a female deaf signer in the lab, mainly about experiences abroad., Conversation topics cover: - personal travel experience to Argentine (including some jokes about not naming people's names during the session) - meeting an important person on exact this date, but 7 years back - WFD organized a lecture about the deaf University Gallaudet in the U.S. (problems with an overheated beamer) - economic crisis in Mexico - currency (Euro = Peseo) - Inflation - sign for Peseo - different kinds of coins in South America - changing of life standard/conditions - broken beamer - Diploma - culture of Chili, Amerika and Argentine (especially in terms of greeting rituals) - funny story about sons of acquiaintances - interrumption of electricity in Utrecht and Houten - bikes in Amsterdam (flat tire) - learn foreign languages - read books - holiday plans for Chili and New Zealand - flight prices - airmiles - best europeen Airline, Influence from ASL, because of the conversation topic South America and the international experience of both signers., bring a friend study, 3 different camera settings available.
Conversation of a female and a male deaf signer about matters of everyday's life., Conversation topics cover: - Cafes and restaurants - preferences for various kinds of drinks at various occasions - food, nutrition and diets - lifestlye - excercising - football - contributions of growing older - money -Sign Langauge Interpreters - personal experience of a friend, 3 different camera settings available
Spontaneous conversation of two male deaf signers in the lab., Conversation topics cover: - summer holidays - various locations within the Netherlands and across Europe - klimate and landscapes - specific places in the Netherlands (e.g. Zandaam) - geographical changes (due to the rising water level and consequences/adjustments in buildings, etc.) - driving in the Netherlands - giving directions (Noord-Holland) - novelties about a cafe/restaurant - recommandation of restaurants with very big dishes - personal experience in one particular restaurant, 3 different camera settings available
Free conversation of two male deaf signers about everyday's life experiences, Conversation topics cover: - picture of a friend (discussion about photoshop, Windows and Mac computer) - former experience with recordings for the data collection of the NGT corpus - different camera settings - colors (background and clothes) - set up of background (technique) - personal experience of living in Germany - pets - place in Zuid Holland - comparison of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands - advantages and disadvantages of Germany and the Netherlands - cars/traffic - drivers licence - prices of cars - speed (limits), 3 different camera settings available