early pm. 1/2 hour of filming with new camera: Cat, Tuk, Kââ, Tep, Maa, Din on mat above Kpe's house, with Agn. 3 segments, 044_0349_01-02-03, converted with ffmpeg_batch, ~30 min.
Cheme, next to Wom's house, boys playing football: blonde Din, 2 J/H boys and one daughter Mbw, little Wom and Kak Mââ's son
Cheme, next session: first Ngm standing with Tuk, then women at the menstruation house, baby Nga, her mother Nor and her Trob GrMo Dor, Ann, boy Mgââ (Dip and Ang's son) and Ang, woman in red (Dip's wife). 4 school girls came by: Pyoo (Dom's daughter), who made km:ii yââ toys, Lee's daughter Wââ (black skirt) and Tai's daughter (blue skirt) and Hel of P:uum firstborn daughter Cec.
Filmed for ~an hour on Ngm's porch, Tuk with Ngm, Mee (niece of J Lem) visiting, Agn, Kââm, Din, and Kad (boy staying here for schooling, son of Kop husband of Ndoo the daughter of J Mbu, who is related to Ngm). Very good natural child interaction with some ~10 diff. people.