Canary Row

CR1: T and S see each other through binoculars; S runs from his building across the street into T's building and gets thrown out the door into a pile of garbage seconds later.
CR3: S squeezes inside the drain pipe and starts climbing up it; T sees him and drops a bowling ball into the top of the pipe; the ball hits S and S swallows the ball; he comes out the bottom of the pipe rolling down the street and crashes into a bowling alley.
CR4: S dresses up as a monkey, climbs up the drain pipe, and chases T into the apartment; when S sees the old woman, he plays his monkey act, and starts looking underneath everything in the apartment, looking for T; the woman pretends to be nice, gives him a coin, then hits him over the head with her umbrella.
CR5: S pretends to be the bell boy in the hotel that the old woman is checked into; he takes her suitcase and the cage from her room to take downstairs; he escapes down the back stairs with the cage (covered) and sets it down in a back alley; when he takes the cover off the cage, he finds the old woman crouched in the cage instead of T; she takes off after him, hitting him with her umbrella.
CR6: S sets up a seesaw on the sidewalk in front of T's building; he stands on one side of it, and throws a huge weight onto the other end, thereby sending himself flying straight up into the air; he grabs T from his cage on his way by the window; he hits the seesaw coming down, and the weight that he sends flying comes crashing down on his head as he's making his getaway clutching T; T escapes unharmed.
CR7: S is in a building right across from T's window, busily sketching away on a drawing board and looking over at T through a telescope; when he's done, he gets on the windowsill to swing over to T on a rope; he smacks into the wall right next to T's window and slides down the wall.