Mouse & Elephant

ME2: The mouse is trying to flip a pancake, but it keeps landing on the floor; so, he calls the elephant, gives it a pan, and they flip the pancake back and forth between them.
ME3: The mouse and the elephant are tossing a ball back and forth; the elephant accidentally swallows ball, the mouse tickles its nose to make it sneeze; the ball hits the mouse in the stomach and sends it flying.
ME4: The mouse spins on a gymnast's bar; the elephant bends the bar when it hangs on the bar from its trunk; the mouse can't straighten it and is upset; a man in a big top hat comes by, walks under the bar, and straightens it with his hat.
ME7: A duck is walking behind the elephant and jumps on the elephant's back to hitch a ride; when a hippo walks by going the other direction, the elephant and duck both hitch a ride on its back.
MEdrums: The mouse is reading a book; elephant starts playing the drum next to him; he takes the sticks from the elephant so he can't play anymore; the elephant continues with his trunk; mouse takes away the drum but elephant continues to make noise while drumming on his own belly. Mouse then ties a knot in his ears so he can read his book.