AVATecH Expert Workshop

AVATecH Expert Workshop 11/2010 - Gesture Research and Fieldwork - Presentation slides and handouts
Hedda Lausberg: Current problems in behavioural gesture research; Asli Özyürek: Wishes from Gesture Research; Jeremy Hammond: Fieldwork: Sites, Sound and Workflow; Mark Dingemanse: Linguistic Research and Fieldwork: what researchers want
AVATecH Expert Workshop 11/2010 - Welcome, Intro, FhG AVATecH Recognizers - Presentation slides and handouts
Wolfgang Klein and Peter Wittenburg: Welcome and Introduction - AVATecH Expert Workshop 16-17 November 2010, MPI Nijmegen; Rolf Bardeli and Sebastian Tschöpel: AVATecH State of Automatic Audio Analysis; Stefano Masneri and Oliver Schreer: Video Analysis in AVATecH
AVATecH Expert Workshop 11/2010 - MPI Nijmegen AVATecH State - Presentation slides and handouts
Eric Auer: Integration of Recognizers - framework overview, integrated and planned recognizers, ELAN / ABAX framework integration; Han Sloetjes: ELAN Short Introduction - demo of running AVATecH Recognizers in ELAN; Przemek Lenkiewicz: AVATecH in the CLARA Context - demo of text speech alignment
AVATecH Expert Workshop 11/2010 - Analysis State of the Art - Presentation slides and handouts
Meinard Müller: State of the art in Music Information Retrieval; Lou Boves: Status of Speech Processing in Nijmegen and elsewhere; Ioannis Patras: Spotting Human Actions in Unsegmented Image Sequences; Josep Casas: How can body motion capture and gesture analysis help in the annotation of large video data sets?