with Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
Children show astonishing variation in the way they acquire their native language(s)—each developmental milestone in both production and comprehension is marked by meaningful individual differences. This 3-day workshop explored: (a) children’s linguistic and cultural environments, their non-linguistic skills, and the structural properties of the languages they are acquiring as possible sources of variation, alongside (b) the implications of this variation for the mechanisms that drive and support native language acquisition given the overall robustness of learning in the face of this variability. The videos included in this collection are recordings of 15 of the 18 talks (3 invited; 12 submitted) presented at the workshop, which took place on October 6–8 2017 at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Not included are 3 talks for which the authors preferred no recording and the posters presented on the first two days of the workshop. This event was hosted by Marisa Casillas, Alejandrina Cristia, Caroline Rowland, and the MPI’s Language Development Department. Please note that some media streams (e.g., views of the slides or speaker) were occasionally lost due to technical problems. The videos posted below are as complete as possible given these recording issues.
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