LADHM32A.2TR INT: j INF: h FILENAME: ladhm32a.2tr VERSION: 01 EPISODE: 02 Conversation about some Maroccan Arabic expressions SUBJECTS: H= HM= Hassan M INTERVIEWERS: J= JC= Josee Coenen Z= RZ= Rachid Zerrouk EXTERN: DATE: 01-MAY-1985

REGISTRATION: audio COMMENTS: ENCOUNTER FEATURES: REMARKABLE L2: KEYWORDS: EXPERIMENT, ROUTE-DIRECTION, ROUTE-DESCRIPTION, FILM-COMMENTING, FILM-RETELLING, SELF-CONFRONTATION, PLAY-SCENE, STAGE-DIRECTION, FREE-CONVERSATION, HAROLD-STATION, HAROLD-CAR, ASHTRAY, CHARLIE-CLOCHARD, CHARLIE-MODERN-TIMES/ UNDERSTANDING, FEEDBACK, THEMATIC-STRUCTURE, LEXICON, SPATIAL-REFERENCE, TEMPORAL-REFERENCE, PERSONAL REFERENCE/ WORK, FREE-TIME, EDUCATION, AUTHORITIES, META-LANGUAGE, SOURCE-COUNTRY, LANGUAGE, PERSONAL-CONTACTS, CULTURAL-DIFFERENCES, OWN-EXPERIENCES, FAMILY-REUNION, DISCRIMINATION/ # j ook nieuwe sokken [<>] - <laughs> h @[<>]@ - <laughs> h @<*besehza*>@ - <=m=expression which rowly means with health> # j <> - <laughs> # h @<*besehza oe rahza*> - <=m=expression which rowly means with health and rest> # j <*besehza*> - <=m=expression which rowly means with health> # h @<*besehza*>@ - <=m=expression which rowly means with health> # j ?zijn dat sokken? # h @<*besehza oe rahza*>@ - <=m=expression which rowly means with health and rest> # j + nee # h @ja + als iemand heft de nieuw kleren he [+] j [ja] h dan moet zeggen <*besehza oe rahza*>@ - <=m> h @gezon/met gezond en uh +@ # j ja heel langzaam <*besehza*> - <=m> # h @<*besehza oe rahza*>@ - <=m> # j <*besehza*> - <=m> # h @<*oe rahza*>@ - <=m> # j met gezondheid <*wa*> - <=a=and> # h @<*rahza*>@ - <=m=rest> # j <*rahza*> - <=m=rest> # h @<*rahza*>@ - <=m=rest> h @rustig@ # j <*rahza*> - <=m=rest> j <..> - <nt, takes dictionary> END OF FILE ladhm32a.2tr