SL Arabic

EPISODE: 04 Play scene Post Office (sending a parceel) ;ENCOUNTER FEATURES: Studio props: table and chairs, serving as a post-office unit. On the table: pencils, forms, all kind of cards. A box is given to the informant. The informant is instructed (by the SL-researcher) as follows: "You want to sent a parcel to Morocco as cheaply as possible. It is a present for one of your relatives. The parcel weighs 2,5 kilograms and contains coffee, a pyjama, bulbs and cassettes. You have also put a letter in the box". During the conversation between the official (= TL-researcher) and the informant, the informant has to understand and to produce WH-questions.
EPISODE: 02 Conversation ;ENCOUNTER FEATURES: af en toe was Rachid aanwezig
EPISODE: 04 Conversation about language
EPISODE: 05 Conversation about driving licence ;ENCOUNTER FEATURES:
EPISODE: 03 Conversation about reasons for coming
EPISODE: 02 Play scene Family Reunion
EPISODE: 03 Driving a Car
EPISODE: 01 Play scene Housing Office ;ENCOUNTER FEATURES: Studio props: table with two chairs, serving as an office, and some pencils and forms. The role of the housing official is taken by a project-external non- researcher, a Dutch professional volunteer. He has professional contacts with etnic minorities in Tilburg. The informant is instructed by the SL-researcher to take the role of a fiance who lives with his partner in the home of his parents. He has been registered with a housing agency for over one year, but still is not eligible for a house. He desperately wants to move because of continual parental quarrels and an intended marriage within 3 months because his fiancee is pregnant. He goes to the housing official and tries to convince him that something has to be done. All data is fictional although the informant may add real facts and experiences.
EPISODE: 05 Play scene Bakery Job; applying for a job ;ENCOUNTER FEATURES: (zie episodeboek)
EPISODE: 06 Free conversation ;ENCOUNTER FEATURES: see episodebook page 36
EPISODE: 02 Conversation about Free-time
EPISODE: 01 Play scene Housing Office and conversation about discriminatie ;ENCOUNTER FEATURES: