word lists

Beaver names, their meanings, and their occurrences
Driving and accident vocabulary (accident, he went off the road, roll over, surprise, gas station). Miscellaneous vocabulary like "beaver dam" or "farmland" is also elicited.
This session is about abverbs (finally, suddenly, afterwards, really, sometimes, usually). Some miscellaneous vocabulary like "ladle, visitor, suicde, rash or constipation" is also elicited.
affections, emotions, sympathies, "to love", and related vocabulary
some kinds of affections (e.g. "be scared" / "be happy") are elicited in this session
The consultants talk about ailments and afflictions, also using phrases like "my arm is broken", "my stomach / head / heart hurts" or "he has fever" and related phrases like "my car broke down". They also talk about human organs like "brain, kidney or bladder".
Some human ailments and afflictions are elicited like "my belly hurts / I ate something bad / my nose is running / my hand blistered / I'm wounded". The consultant also talks about human diseases like "cancer / diabetes / measles". See also being_sick001.
This session is about human ailments and afflictions. Phrases like "my throat/stomach is sore", "I'm dizzy" or "they said you were sick" are elicited. Some vocabularies about frosty weather are also elicited.
This session is about human ailments and afflictions ("I take medicine", "Take your medicine", "heart attack = his heart stopped").
This session is about human ailments and afflictions (e.g. I am coughing, I have a fever).
This session is about human ailments and afflictions (e.g. I want to sneeze, my nose is running).
The consultants talk about different kinds of alcohol like "beer, whiskey, vodka or wine". They also talk about smoking (I used to smoke pipe, (chewing) tobacco, snuff, to spit, cigarett bud, ashes) and related vocabulary to "ashes" like "left over", "dead body" or "dead horse".
The consultant is talking about tobacco
Miscellaneous words and one phrase for each word ("this is a ..."), collected for the illustration of the alphabet that has been devised for the reserves of Child's Lake and Boyer River. (Cf. teaching materials)
Vocabularies like "small dam, his dam, my small dam", but also some little phrases (e.g. beavers made a dam, beavers are damming the river) are elicited.
Little phrases like "I make a dam, we made a dam, did you make a dam?"
boats and related vocabulary
discussion of buildings and professions, plus other relevant vocabulary