General Documentation

Some Trobriand people point at various directions
Under this heading you find two folders which archive the ethnographica and other objects from the Trobriand Islands and from other parts of Papua New Guinea collected by Barbara and Gunter Senft during 16 fieldtrips between 1982 and 2012. All the objects are provided with detailed - English and German - metadata (i.e., they are, among other things, labeled, measured, described, dated and photographed). One folder - Archive_Ethnographica_PDF - provides a number of separate pdf files which present objects that are categorized according to certain criteria (see table of contents below). The other folder - Ethnographica_Archive - consists of one big pdf document which presents all the...
Soundscapes 1982-1983
The video documents the village in 2004
This film presents some impressions during a day in Tauwema 1992: visit of Melanesian Discoverer, children play, ninikula - cat's cradle, shells (that play a role in a story told by Pulia), songs, etc.
a day in Tauwema - some impressions with German comments
Some impressions - a day in Tauwema 1993
This short video shows a man (Tokuyumila) on the reef at nicht who is fishing with a torch (-kedagi- in Kilivila).
The people of Kiriwina Island celebrate the 100 years anniversarz of the United Church mission in Kaduwaga. The first missionary on the Trobriands was Fr. Bromilo.