Language Acquisition Language Acquisition - Acquidata Corpus

The corpora of the Language Acquisition Group at the MPI for Psycholinguistics (Nijmegen, NL) include first (L1) as well as second language (L2) acquisition data from children and adults.


First (L1) & second language (L2) acquisition data. Longitudinal & snapshot data Children & adults data Control data of native speakers of different languages Spontaneous and elicited data Partly transcribed and annotated data Additional info files (e.g. project or language description)

Data of following languages are available: Czech (L1 & L2) Chinese (L1) Dutch (L2) English (L1 & L2) French (L2) German (L1 & L2) Hindi (L1) Russian (L1) Swedish (L2) Tamil (L1) Tzeltal (L1)

Processing steps: Recording tapes Digitizing tapes to Digital Master Files (DMF) Definition of sessions (=analysis unit) by meta describing the DMF Creating session data (digital media files) Integration of meta data and media into the Browsable corpus structures Annotation of session data Linking of meta data, media and annotations for further use in the Corpus Browser (XML)