MPI-PL Archive

ME2: the mouse is trying to flip a pancake, but it keeps landing on the floor; so, he calls the elephant, gives it a pan, and they flip the pancake back and forth between them.
CR3: S squeezes inside the drain pipe and starts climbing up it; T sees him and drops a bowling ball into the top of the pipe; the ball hits S and S swallows the ball; he comes out the bottom of the pipe rolling down the street and crashes into a bowling alley.
A lady has her breakfast. A bee comes and perches down her slice of bread. She tries to splash it. Bread sticks to her hand.
CC2: CC brings a woman home after a date. They kiss goodbye in front of her house and she goes inside. At the same time, one of her cats accidentally knocks a flowerpot of the window sill which lands on CC's head. He falls down, knock out.
This is a 8-picture story that describes an event. In the story, there is a boy who is going out to play football. His shoelace loosens and he steps on it. He then falls down and hurts his knee. His knee bleeds and he starts to cry. Then, a girl comes and put a bandage on his knee. She also ties his shoelace. The boy becomes happy again, starts to whistle, and continues to play. In this task, the speaker is supposed to look at the picture story carefully and narrate it to the addressee. The story does not stay on the screen. The addresee just listens and asks questions if she / he does not understand. The addressee does not see the screen.
CR8: S walks down on the street, he shinnies up a mast and starts making his way to T by walking along the streetcar cables; he sees a streetcar coming his way and starts running; the streetcar catches up to him and he gets repeated electricity shocks; as the camera pans down, the viewer sees that the old woman and T are driving the streetcar.
M4: the mouse spins on a gymnast's bar; the elephant bends the bar when it hangs on the bar from its trunk; the mouse can't straighten it and is upset; a man in a big top hat comes by, walks under the bar, and straightens it with his hat
Route description.
The speaker sees a picture and when the screen goes black, s/he describes it to the addressee. The addressee is supposed to depict the picture that is described by the signer by using appropriate toy figures. There are 25 pictures. There is a folding screen between the speaker and the addressee so while the addressee is using the toys to design what is described to him/her, the speaker cannot see him/her.
Route description.