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Group elicitation of compound stem predicates.
GRR told a story of La Abuelita (a.k.a. Juan de Milpa y Pedro) in Chontal.
AER and I went through the book once together, to demonstrate how the series of pictures tells a connected story. She then went page by page and told the story.
GRR recited poetry and verse in Chontal and in Spanish.
Moverb elicits motion event descriptions. Here, consultants describe events with special attention to the path and the manner depicted.
The consultant produced, evaluated and described compound stem predicates in response to prepared prompts. The collector was sick and fidgety and slow.
Two teams played a matching game consisting of photos of figures (such as balls, pots, and bottles) arranged in various postures with respect to grounds (such as in basket, on ground, or in tree). The teams were composed as two against one: a younger semi-speaker assisted an older skilled speaker (with poor eyesight) to describe a photo, and then a second younger semi-speaker picked out the corresponding photo from his pile. The three men are at a table in a patio, with a curtain between the two sets of photos.
Consultant responds to prepared prompts to elicit vocabulary and description of sea and landscape.
GRR told a story of El Buen Marinero (Vegador) in Spanish, as the translation of the same story in Chontal.