MPI-PL Archive

There are two guys sitting around a table on a balcony. They are playing cards before dinner. Both of them are university students and they are good friends.
There are three girls chatting sitting on a sofa. They are friends and they haven't seen each other for a while. It's before Christmas and while updating each other about the main recent events they are also planning what to do for new year's eve
There are two girls studying. They are getting ready for a difficult exam and from time to time they start chatting. They are good friends and they are both very concerned about the possible result of this exam.
There are three university students that are having lunch together in the apartment they share. They come from different parts of Italy and they study different things. They are watching tv while eating
There are two girls chatting while having dinner together in a college room. They study Medicine and they mainly talk about people they know.
There are 2 guys playing cards and drinking because of the game. It is very noisy and the quality of the video is not very good.