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having a conversation about paskibra competition, about seeking a job, about turning shop, about mtorcycle, etc.
having a conversation about their friends, abiut their neighbourhood, etc.
talking at EXPERN's house in the evening when visiting EXPERN's house to give traditional treatment for EXPERN and her daughter.
having conversation in Desa Gesik; talking about price of material, about how to refuse if Agung's friends want to borrow his things, and many more.
having a conversation about puppets, about puppets show, about puppetter, about gamelan, about gamelan musician, kind of entertain, etc.
having conversation in the Astri's bedroom in Ramadhan moment; talking about tembang; about fasting; andmany more.
having conversation about their memories in school, about their friends, and many more.
having a conversation at home; talking about their memories when they were child; talking about Indonesian politic; talking about meatball; talking about their homework dan final test.
having a conversation in the administration office; talking about handphone; talking about pulse; talking about a man; talking about a clothes; and talking about market.
having a conversation about puppets, dancing, narrator, poor puppeteer, clothes, rich person, equipment of puppet show, etc.
having a conversation about village, about debt in a bank, about offer of marriage, about cost in a domestic, about household, about Gunung Jati, about custom in Sumedang, about praying in mosque, about praying in Emirate, etc.
having conversation about their friends, abiut examination, about their memories in a high school, about police, about government, and many more.
having a conversation about motorcycle, about dating with girl, about places in Cirebon, about his wife, etc.
having a conversation about plan to go to paddy field, about recording, about dictionary, etc.
having a conversation about woman, about friends, bout Paskibra competition, etc.
talking at a small stall owned by BTJMIM when EXPERN stopping by for a while to buy something from there. BTJMIM's EXPERN's old acquaintance. There are other participants involved: BTJMIM's grandchildren, BTJMIM's children, and BTJMIM's neighbors.
having a conversation about halal bi halal event, about snack, about debt of money, about drink, about photo, etc.
having a conversation in the living room; talking about their friends; talking about their neighbourhood; talking about music; talking about Mauludan.
having a conversation about paskibra, about woman, about their memories in a high school, about their friends, about a teacher, etc.