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cerita rakyat menceritakan tentang ayam dengan burung elang dan ayam dengan musang diceritakan oleh Popi Minhalizar dengan suasana lumayan tenang direkam pada sore hari dirumah Nizarti. (The folklore is about a chicken and an eagle as well as a chicken and a weasel. It is told by Popi Minhalizar in a calm situation. It is recorded in the late afternoon in Nizarti's house).
talking about Tumenggung Merah Mato's descent, and the origin of Kampung Tengah people.
talking about marriage advice.
direkam pada sore hari di Padang, dengan suasana lumayan aman tapi ada suara handphone sedikit. Mereka Saling berbagi cerita dan curahan hati, menceritakan masa-masa lalu, tentang percintaan mereka, waktu masa-masa sekolah (This is recorded in Padang in the late afternoon. The situation is quite okay but there are some sounds from handphone.They share stories, tells a story about the old time, a story about their love, and a story about time when they're still in school).
MARTJR, CIKTJR, and EXPYAN are talking in MAR's house, while BIMTJR is playing.
This is a nzürna story set in the village of Firra. Nzürna stories are a widespread genre in the Morehead Region. They bear some resemblance to European witch-stories, the spirit being called nzürna is always female, she is described as a dangerous and capable of killing people, she lives away from people usually in the forest. In this particular nzürna story she is actually getting along well with the people of Firra until she kills and devours a man. After finding out about this, the people from Firra kill her with magic. The narrator comes from the village of Firra. But as most people from this village, he has moved to Morehead about 10 years ago. Firra is now used as a garden place. It about 15km to the South of Morehead. The speaker is sitting outside of his house in Morehead facing towards the West.
Basabu keneya is about the origin of a kene which was first applied to the dead bodies of a Cashinahua called Basabu and his brother-in-law who was an Inca. The two had died in a competition where each tried to kill the other with venomenous animals etc. The argument had started because Basabu's younger brother provoked the Incas who had come to visit the Cashinahuas after the two brothers had paid a visit to their sister living among the Incas.
The protagonist of the narrative is an old woman.
This narrative tells how a man learns the function of the human sexual organs by observing monkeys having sex.
Maria tells the myth about the origin of the ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic drink. The hero' s name is Yube.
cerita rakyat tentang tiga bersaudara yang hidup tanpa orang tua dan salah satu dari mereka ada yang menikah dengan anak tuan raja, direkam pada malam hari dengan suasana lumayan tenang. (A folktale about three siblings who live without parents and one of them is married to the king's child. It's recorded at night in a quite calm situation).
bercerita tentang hariamau dan pencak silat harimau di Pulau Tengah diceritakan oleh Sukimin dengan suasana lumayan tenang direkam pada sore hari dirumah Nizarti. (It is about a tiger and tiger martial art in Pulau Tengah. It is told by Sukimin in a quite calm situation. It is recorded in Nizarti's house in the late afternoon).