The Language Archive

Barby ABC
A primer in Negerhollands for learning the alphabet, numbers (also Roman), dividing syllables, with many example words, the prayer Our Father, and a handful of short additional prayers.
Hymnbook containing a litany, prayers and hymns in Negerhollands, translated from the Hernhutter 'Gesangbuch zum Gebrauch der evangelischen Brüder-Gemeinen’. Hesseling (1905: 44) remarks that in no other publication in Negerhollands the language used deviated so much from the spoken Negerhollands.
Kingo ABB
A primer in Negerhollands for learning the alphabet plus the prayer Our Father, the Creed, the Ten Commandments, the sacrament of baptism, the sacrament of the altar, two prayers related to the Eucharist, a prayer after waking up and a prayer before going to bed, a prayer for schoolchildren, the hymn "O! Planterman", and two short bible citations.
Böhner1 (3.2.1.)
A translation of the Evangelienharmonie "Die Geschichte unsers Herrn und Heilandes Jesu Christi aus den vier Evangelisten zusammen gezogen" of Samuel Lieberkühn (1710-1777) into Negerhollands. The last 107 pages are translations of the book Acts of the Apostles from the bible. The translation is not dated, but Oldendorp mentions his first translation of the Gospel Harmony to have been finished in 1761 (Stein 1986:10).
A Danish-Lutheran psalm-book, containing 111 psalms.
Geskiedenis, unknown (
A copy of a translation of the chapters 1-36 of the Evangelienharmonie of Samuel Lieberkühn (1710-1777). It is unknown who made this copy, which differs slightly from other translations of the Evangelienharmonie (Stein 1986).
Genesis (
A translation of a part of Genesis (from the Old Testament), made by an unknown Moravian missionary.
A creole psalm-book from the Danish mission. Has been printed in the same volume as Wold's primer, though Wold is only listed as the author of the primer.
Part of an article published in 1881 in the 'Zeitschrift für Ethnologie XIII, 135-138' by Danish physician dr. Erik Pontoppidan, containing the 14th chapter of Matthew, taken from Magens (1781). Pontoppidan's article also contained Negerhollands proverbs with German translation, and an informal conversation in Negerhollands. These can be found under PONTOPPI.
Wold ABB
A Danish Lutheran primer which lists the alphabet and a few consonant vowel pairs, but mainly consists of religious content, such as the prayer Our Father, the Creed, the Teen Commandments, the sacraments of baptism and the altar (both very short), a prayer for before dinner and one for before getting up from table, a prayer for before getting up from bed, a prayer for before going to sleep, and a prayer for a schoolchild.
Böhner5 (3.2.6.)
Translation of Idea Fidei Fratrum by August Gottlieb Spangenberg (1779). The database contains only the first 15 pages of the original document.
Geskiedenis (
A copy of a translation of the chapters 1-43 of the Evangelienharmonie of Samuel Lieberkühn (1710-1777). The translator must have been a Moravian missionary, given that the text, together with Geskiedenis, unknown ( has been found in the archives of the Brethren Unity. They had been stored there together with other documents with the same handwriting, of which one was dated 1796 and two 1797. Therefore, both Geskiedenis ( and Geskiedenis, unknown ( are expected to be from the roughly the same period.