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045-164 picture description
173-232 J has task of persuading b to open building after hours
420-470 m tells s about plans for evening--also some reference to future plans of sisterinlaw, talk about wife's family
124-400 Blind picture reproduction, r instructs s to draw EPISODES 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 = LPERA35J.RAW 000-020 (Episode 4) S explains to r about the estate agent episode and the building society episode 021-029 (Episode 5) S and r go to a building society. S explains to r what to ask there. R goes to the building society. 029-056 (Episode 6) R plays the role at the building society 057-075 (Episode 7) R comes out. S and r go to an estate agents office. S explains to r what to ask. 075-084 (Episode 8) R plays the role 085-102 (Episode 9) R and s discuss what to do next. They collect leaflets. -115 (Episode 10) R plays role 115-129 (Episode 11) S and r go out, chat.
Telephone conversation between m and s in which he describes the street scene
This is the e-LiLT corpus created within the ESRC funded project "The Ups and Downs of Learner Intonation: A Cross-Language and Longitudinal Investigation of the Intonation Systems of L2 Learners".
000-218 (Bell & Howell) 000-053 Reasons for coming to UK. L's educational background 054-112 First experiences in UK with accommodation, work. Frequency of use of target language. 112-218 Differences between UK and Italy