The Language Archive

Some people come in to greet Ben Afetor. These people were late for the wake keeping that took place that evening. Ben gives them some advice. They also ask Ben some questions.
Sammy recorded a conversation he had with his friend Eric, Eric's wife Vida and their little daughter Abitele. The daughter had asked her father for money to buy food and told him that she had not eaten yet, while her mother had already given her food. The four people talk about this. There was no outside observer present. The conversation has been transcribed and annotated in ELAN.
Previous to this recording, Sammy asked the people present whether they have any stories to tell. Then, Awua starts talking about how the puberty rites were performed in the past. When she finishes, Wisdom translates into English. After that, Yawa talks some more about the puberty rites. Wisdom translates again. The translations are only included on the audio recording.
Sammy describes how they make farms in Vane, when they clear them and what they plant when.
Peace tells a story that she has read somewhere. It is a story about a dog who is very greedy and steals meat. Then, when he crosses a river he sees himself in the water and thinks it is another dog with more meat in its mouth. He drops the meat to get the other dog's meat and then he has lost everything. Wisdom then translates the story into English. Then there is some talking between the people present and some proverbs and strange sentences are mentioned. This is also translated by Wisdom. Then there is some more conversation and some more proverbs are mentioned, again translated by Wisdom afterwards. There is one audio recording of this session, and two video recordings. The first video recording includes the story about the dog. The second video recording includes the first proverb telling. Translations are not included on the video recordings.