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Length: 00:11:46:520 The speaker introduces herself and talks about her live. She talks about her time at time at school, how she learned Spanish. Among other things she relates that her children do not know how to speak Movima anymore but her grandchildren no want to learn it., Duración: 00:11:46:520 La Parlante se presenta y habla de su propia vida. Cuenta de su tiempo en la escuela, como aprendió al español. Entre otras cosas cuenta de que sus hijos ya no hablan Movima pero sus nietos ahora lo quieren aprender.
Length: 00:04:01.119 People are just singing at their traditional 'Fiesta Movima', first they use Movima, then they switch to Spanish.
Length: 00:15:08:608 The speaker tells a story about a girl that got drowned and dissapeared. her parents went out for one night and they told their daughter to stay and watch the house and make chicha so that they would have some, when they come home. When the girl is alone strange men come and ask for chicha but the girl does not open the door and so doesn't give them any chicha. Cursing the girl the men leave. In the morning a woman appears and again asks the girl for chicha, and again she won't give out any. So the woman threatens her to watch out, then the earth opens up and lots of fishes come out. The girl, the house and the whole farmland disappears and the only thing the parents see whent they come home is a great lagoon instead.
Length: 00:12:26:382 Speaker talks about natural remedies and faith in god. She went to a place called Campo Anamaría. There was a boy who was severely ill and on the verge of dying. She asked the parents about their faith in god, because of their faith the boy would not die. She then went searching for the remedy and prepared a bath with it for the boy, who later recuperated. Out of gratefullness the boy's parents butcheres a pig for the speaker. She told them to collect some holy water for clearing out the ghosts that still haunt that house and that nearly had taken the boy with them. Faith is very important to her and in fact she doesn't quite know how she cures people, its simply God who does it. The remedies are merely God's tools. So when one's faith is impeded one might not recover.
Length: 00:18:43:028 Among other things the speaker tells the quite sad story how her son got hit by a lightning and died., Duración: 00:18:43:028 Entre otras cosas la hablante relata del acontecimiento muy triste como su hijo estuvo matado por un relámpago.