DOBES Archive

food vocabulary, the consultant also talks about traditional food and how it was stored
Some parts of the paradigm of the motion verb "to slide". Some forms of "to go around" and "to walk around" are also elicited in this session.
paradigm of the verb "laugh".
Story about the grandfather of the consultant (in English and Beaver).
In this session, different forms for "to be lucky" and "to be unlucky" are elicited.
List of words elicitied for phonological analysis, no special topic. The focus was on words containing diphthongs or fricatives that had not been analysed phonologically and whose phonemic status was not yet clear.
clothing vocabulary
In this part of the workshop, the participants were asked to tell a story in Beaver. The contents of the stories are miscellaneous, containing historical and biographical events as well as narratives about places, and modern times. Here, a discussion about the story is recorded.
in this session vocabulary concerning body is elicited (to break a leg, to crack, ouch, to swell, hunchback)
At the beginning of the Workshop the participants were asked to introduce themselves. They talked about their intentions, expectations, and ideas concerning the Workshop, some also mention aspects of their lifes in former times and nowadays. Furthermore, the researchers inform about former and current documenation work, and Mr. and Mrs. Holdstock talk about their lives with the Beaver communities and language.
Some clausal and temporal clauses (I came in because it's cold outside; I have to leave because it's late; I left after it got dark; After I left, it got dark; Before it gets dark, I'll go home, etc.) and some other phrases are elicited (I'm going home, if it's getting dark; I'll go home; I've known her from then on, etc.).
miscellaneous vocabulary for morphological studies, researcher makes up words in order to distinguish and isolate grammatical and lexical morphemes
Some miscellaneous phrases (e.g. the woman ate the berries, the girl and the woman picked the berries, I am fixing my snares, it tastes different, he opened the door).
vocabulary dealing with scary or supernatural stuff (ghosts, angels, "boogey man"), some personal experiences of the consultant
different verbs and phrases concerning communication (to call, to talk, to scream, to fight etc.)
consultant talks about how to make hide, about how to take off the skin of the head of a moose and about how to use the other parts of the moose (e.g. shoulder blades). Some miscellaneous vocabularies.
video about sowing moccasins, some vocabulary
The consultant is asked to describe a collection of pictures that has been adapted from the QUIS-materials: Skopeteas, Stravos et al. (2006) Questionnaire on Information Structure: Reference Manual (=Interdisciplinary Studies on Information Structure; 4).
phrases about hunting, setting traps and snares. some words for guns and shells.
miscellaneous vocabulary and phrases concerning eating and drinking (to drink, to eat, to taste, to smell, to stink, to chew, to swallow, to throw up)