DOBES Archive

BM narrates the story about Mole Trapper, called U yEh lehil bah 'he who traps moles (gophers)' in Lacandon.
KyG shows us around the ceremonial cookhouse, beside his father's godhouse. He shows us the implements and demonstrates how they are used. There is no one else present during the recording. The collectors were interested in traditional artefacts and ceremonial activities, in addition to the recording of descriptive language.
CKD was asked to narrate Frog Where Are You, for the collectors. He is one of many children asked to do this. A Spanish version of the same story is found in Frogstory_sp_CKD.mpg.
JK narrates three traditional stories , Ah T'u7ul, U Yit Beh, and Yum K'aax. They blend into each other, thus making it difficult to decide where one ends and the next one begins. Therefore, this session has been identified as a single session.
KM narrates the story about Chak Xok, the mythical sirens in Lacandon lore. SK is present, and prompts her. Another version of this story by a different speaker can be found in Chak_Xok_BM
NX sings u chaxtik pom, "the consecration of the copal".
SK tells the story of the Crocodile and the Canoe.
SK tells the story of the Dog and the Crocodile.
JK explains the significance of the spell, Ah ts'in. Her neice, CNK, her sister, KM, their brother, KMJKBr, and KP are all present. As well as an explanation of the spell we get a conversation among the women. The text can be found in Ahts7in_JK.
NI and JK discuss whether JK will sing the song for frothing cocoa, which she does in Cacao_JK.