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Kamala and Ashu play in the field with the earth. Puspa talks in the background to Kamala. Kamala anwers. They play with flipflops, stones, a little plastic bottle. Mother then sits with them and plays with them. Kalpana child joins in. Kamala had a threw a temper.
This session is recorded in Rikhi Maya's home. Indra and Man Kumar drink milk. Indra pours milk into a small bottle gives it to drink and mixes water and fill it. They play with water.
Man Kumar and Bisal (Kuluke) sing Nepali song and they dance.
Man Kumar and Bisal (Kuluke play with earthballs as marbles. man Kumar and Kuluke play ploughing with real plough. Man Kumar digs something in the field talking with his grandfather. His grandfather cuts small sticks. Man Kumar is very active and talks more in this session. (recorded just downside of Man Kumar's home.) In this session, Total utterances = 671 Total utterances by Man Kumar = 220 Total Man Kumar's utterances - COMM =220-18=202 Others' utterance = 671 - 220 = 451 Others' utterance (-COMM) = 451-51=400 Adult to adult utterances (AA) = 46
Khem and elder brother outside at a shack. Khem tries to get to the pig into the pig shed but doesn’t succeed. He gets shouted at from adults in the background. Khem sings playing in the little shed and outside of it. Then they play in a goat shed. They talk with woman in background, play infront of the house. Elder brother is on tree, Khem tries to get him down with a stick. Woman talks to him and seems to give instructions from the background.
K and his brother Ram play “football” with a coconut, Playing with goats. Mother is around with an infant she is nursing. She sometimes talks to Khem. Brother disappears for a while and then comes back. Khem and Ram pretend-play praying and cooking in the field. Puspa in the background talks to them. They get a snack from Puspa and Khem sits next to his mother and eats it.
Khem and his elder brother Som are playing and later on, pretending to do a puja in the field, mother talks in the background to Khem and some other people. Brother Ram joins in. Then they go on playing on the veranda, long and contionous play. They are eating on veranda.
Khem and his elder brother Som on the veranda eating tangerines, playing puja. They are eating snacks of millet-bread and hanging around.
Khem and Ram play with bamboo vehicle. Khem and Jam Kumari talks. Ram and Khem fights throwing stones each other. Ram and Khem play with a plastic bottle. Total utterance = 283 Total Utterance made by Khem = 63 (Total Utterance -Comm) by Khem = 63 - 17 =46 Other's (including a child) uttarance =283 -63 =220 Others' utterance -comm =220-17 =203 AA (Adult speech) = 8 Note: 19 minutes' recording
The session was recorded in the evening in the veranda of Khem's home. In the beginning of the session, he takes broom. He plays with it. He plays with bamboo basket. Khem and his sibling clean maizes removing the wraps/leaves. Later Man Kumari, our local consultant also help them. Khem talks a lot with Man Kumari. He plays with her. Khem sweeps floor of the varanda. Around 00:21 he takes thin firewoods and plays with them. I (Goma) give him toffis, he eats and distributes others. Around 0:43, Som takes his book out and Khem joins with him. Around 0:46, Khem chases chicken using broom. Between 0:48 and 0:49, Khem takes a chilli and Man Kumari talks with Khem about the chilli. After 0:50 Khems elder sibling take book and they sing Nepali rhyme. Khem joins them. He plays with a book when his elder brother Som writes his lession. At 55:56, he plays with a slipper. In this session, Total utterances =1550 Total utterances spoken by Khem = 516 Total utterances ( - COMM) spoken by Khem = 516 -134= 382 Total utterances spoken by others in the presence of Khem =1550-516 = 1034 Adult to adult utterances (AA) =34
Playing on veranda with elder brother Ram , teasing, they play with a necklace and they compete about it. 2 girls are sitting on the veranda as well not facing the camera, they talk among themselves. (first 10 minutes) Play with tools (mill stone). Some talk among the boys, more by the other boy. K. handles a basket. Some conversation about it with the woman, (which came back) and the other boy.
Khem eats noodles and gives to his elder sister, Devi too. Khem, elder brother Ram, elder girl and mother in the background. K. and the other boy are eating snacks, girl handels laundry. They play around on the verandy (the elder boy with with 2 sticks). A woman comes along and talks to Khem.
Khem is on the veranda with elder brother Ram. They are eating millet rice with curry and having a conversation meanwhile. They discovered something/somebody farther away and talk about it and shout to it/ them. Somebody is talking to them in the background.
Khem is with his elder brother, Ram on the veranda, elder brother is eating rice, woman in background is talking to Khem. There is a talk between the two boys. Teasing, they talk with woman in background. Khem looks his brother in for a while and then plays alone on the veranda talking to the woman and himself.
This file consists of a large group of Photographs. These were taken in Dhankuta. NKR (Researcher) and IR, NP, GB (Research Assistant) were in the field in Dhankuta. All of them are working there with informants
This file consists of a large group of Photographs which were taken on the occasion of the Sakewa, a dance festival in Dhankuta. These people are dancing the Sakewa dance.
This session contains lexical items and grammatical markers of Chintang.
Children including Kamala play with bamboo stripes. They play or pretend cooking. Their grandfather is preparing a big bamboo basket which is used for carrying water vessel, grass, firewood and so on. In this session, Total utterance =270 Total utterances by Kamala =85 Total utterances by Kalpana = 16 Total utterances by Kamala (- COMM) =85 -22 =63 Total utterances by Others =270 - 85 =185 Total utterances by Others (-COMM) =185 -10 =175
Kamala, Krishna and Khel Bahadur play marble in the varanda of Kamala's home. Asu makes Kamala drink water. In this session, Total utterances = 551 Total utterances uttered by Kamala = 92 Total utterances uttered by Kamala - COMM = 92-32 = 60 Total utterances by other people in the presence of Kamala =551-92 =459 Adult to adult utterances (AA) =12
Kamala and Asuki play with rodadendron. At the time of recording Kalpana and Ranjana come. Total utterances =392 Total utterances by Kamala =66 Total utterances by Kamala (-COMM) =66-12=54 Others' utterances =392-66=326 Others' utterances (-COMM) =326-36=290 Adult to Adult utterances =5