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On the flied, lots of children are around. Kuluke is around as well. They have little wooden crosses with which they run around and which are supposed to fly (like the upper part of an helicopter, Man Kumar puts a stick on it and runs around with it. They play with stones. They run around wildly, carry other children out of their way. Then they run around with their helicopters again. They teases Ilu saying Phillu.
Ram and Khem play cooking with soil and water. They talk with their mother. Their mother told Khem to wash his leg and he tries to wash. At the last of the session, Ram throws mud and stone downward, at that time that goes towards his mother's face and she scolds him. Total utterances = 232 Total utterances by Khem =67 Total utterances by Khem - COMM =67-14=33 Others' utterances = 232 - 67=165 Others' utterances except COMM = 165-10=155 Note: in this session there is no adult-adult conversation.
In this session, Kamala's mother has just come from the corn field. Aroung 00:08, her mother hangs a piece of wood with a rope and mother go to the field again and the children including with Kamala play with the hanging object. Around 00:29, there is adult talking but we had not transcribed at that time, we transcribed just the utterances uttered by the target child and to the target child by the others. Total utterances =530 Total utterances by Kamala =195 Total utterances by Kamala - COMM=195-113=82 Others' utterances to Kamala =530-195=335 Others' utterances -COMM = 335-105=230 Adult to adult utterances =0 Note: the transcription is only focused on the target child. So, the utterances which are not related to the child are not transcribed.
Kamala has gone to the corn field where her mother works. Kamala asks her mother's breast but her male neighbour teases her saying, 'suck my breast'. Her mother and neighbours are weeding out the corns. Kamala also tries to weed with the help of a big spade. In this session, Total utterances =135 Total utterances by Kamala =51 Total utterances by Kamala ( - COMM)=51-18=33 Total others' utterances =135-51 =84 Others' utterances (-COMM) =84-17=67 Adult's utterances (AA) =0
Man Kumar and Centima play with plough. Man Kumar wants to play family telling 'ama' for himself and 'apa' for Susma. Children plough and prentends to sow maizes using stones. Later Man Kuimar and Sapana plough the field. Man Kumar is very active in this session. In this session, Total Utterances: 376 Utterances having no meanings: 3 Total Man Kumar's utterances: 86 Total Man Kumar's utterances (-communicators): 86-7 =79 Other's utterances to Man Kumar = 375 - 86 = 289 Other's utterances to Man Kumar (-communicators) = 289 - 19 = 270 Adult to Adult utterances (AA) =4
In this session, children play with the wooden plough. Man Kumar plough and Ruma pulls the plough. He takes care of his younger twins brothers. In this session, Total Utterances: 285 Utterances having no meanings: Total Man Kumar's utterances: 44 Total Man Kumar's utterances (-communicators): =44-4 =40 Other's utterances to Man Kumar = 285 - 44 = 241 Other's utterances to Man Kumar (-communicators) = 241 - 16 = 225
Dipkala plays with a coin that her mother gave. She walks here and there calling her mother. She asks her mother to suck her breast and her mother breastfeeds her though she is pregrant.
Here is some intraction between Dipkala and Chandrakala. Dipkala walks here and there with a stick, she plays ball using bottlegurd. She follows her aunt Chandrakala.
Dipkala plays in the kitchen and comes out of the kitchen and goes to play in the sun. she plays with stics saying: tit - tit.
In this session, Man Kumar plays with feathers, he plays with a round piece made of plastic. Around 0:40, he goes to his neighbour's yard and he plays there walking here and there. Total utterances =1238 Total utterances sopken by Man Kumar =428 Total utterances (-Communicators) sopken by Man Kumar =428-43 =385 Total utterances spoken in the presence of Man Kumar by others = 1238 428 =810 Adult to adult utterances =105
Man Kumar and a small girl on the veranda. Man Kumar climbs around on the plank and slides down. Several children are around. There is a loud crying by a baby. They let their slippers slide. Some adults are in the background. Man Kumar and another little boy play with a dice. There are comments from an adult (into visible). Several children are watching them. Man Kumar eats a snack and then play goes on.
Man Kumar and his friend Kuluke are playing on the veranda. Another small kid is also present there. There is a constant crying in the background. A girl joins in the play with earth.
Man Kumar and Bisal (Kuluke) tries to dig sweet potatoes but they cannot find. They runs here and there. They throw stones downwards. Quite some other children are around. They play with a plank which they use as a slide. They are having ild play with a piece of clothes. There is lots of running around and shouting.
Man Kumar and Kuluke throw stones. They try to dig sweet potatoes with their feet.
(This session has not sound between 17:03 and 18:34) Kamala, Kalpana and Prithvi play with old newspaper and a flower. They play with local playing thing (bhurung). Kamala plays with Kalpana and Kalpana’s elder brother Prithvi. They are in front of the house and in the first part of the session only the children play with partly the father in the background working and sometimes the grandmother. Then later interaction with the child and the mother (no more other people present). In this session, Total utterances =1395 Total utterances spoken by Kamala = 301 Total utterances (- COMM) spoken by Kamala = 301-63 = 238 Total utterances spoken by others in the presence of Kamala = 1395-301=1094 Adult to adult utterances (AA) = 10
Prithvi has cut his finger of his hand. Kamala's mother uses kerosene as a medicine in the wound. All the children look at his finger. Kalapana and Kamala play with the soil and stone. They bring the soil and make dust with the help of stone.
Kamala and Kalpana (at Kamala’s house) At first the mother is present and cuts a sugar cane with a knife and distributes it among several children. then they play among several children. They chase a cat with sticks etc. Mother sits on the veranda for a while and works (beats millet). Grandmother comes along too.
Several children singing. They play then in a little hut with dry grass in it. Little conversation. Vocal imitations, repetitions. Singing goes on for a long time.
Kamala and Durga (Asu) play with soil. Mother dresses Kamala, Kamala’s elder sister Assu and her grandmother around. Grandmother feeds chicken. Grandmother talks to the two children who fool around. Mother entertains the children with a paper helicopter. Kamala’s uncle is around and plays with them as well. They slide down a little hill and have fun, mother clears their way. Two old woman talk in the background. Mother walks by once in a while and monitors them.
Indra plays with a radio and Man Kumar whistles with a tiny bottle. Indra and Man Kumar play with stickers sticking at their faces and they come near to the camera and looks as if it is a mirror.