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Kamala and Ashu play in the field with the earth. Puspa talks in the background to Kamala. Kamala anwers. They play with flipflops, stones, a little plastic bottle. Mother then sits with them and plays with them. Kalpana child joins in. Kamala had a threw a temper.
Kamala and her elder sister Ashu and a young child are in the field . The mother is cutting millet. Small child imitates the women (with a real knife). The children play with stones and earth. Then the mother sits with them. They eat a snack. The mother distributes it. They play with skirts and put them on, on their heads etc. Dressing and undressing goes on for a while.
Children including Kamala play with bamboo stripes. They play or pretend cooking. Their grandfather is preparing a big bamboo basket which is used for carrying water vessel, grass, firewood and so on. In this session, Total utterance =270 Total utterances by Kamala =85 Total utterances by Kalpana = 16 Total utterances by Kamala (- COMM) =85 -22 =63 Total utterances by Others =270 - 85 =185 Total utterances by Others (-COMM) =185 -10 =175
Kamala, Krishna and Khel Bahadur play marble in the varanda of Kamala's home. Asu makes Kamala drink water. In this session, Total utterances = 551 Total utterances uttered by Kamala = 92 Total utterances uttered by Kamala - COMM = 92-32 = 60 Total utterances by other people in the presence of Kamala =551-92 =459 Adult to adult utterances (AA) =12
This is an invented song. It suggests people not to fight among themselves and be united. The song says, ''we should be united, we should not fight with each other''. The song further says, we all are brothers, one brother should not kill the other. We should not offer our blood to Lord Buddha.
This file consists of a large group of Photographs about Chintang and Chintang people which were captured by reasearch team. These photographs were taken in Chintang in different times.
RM narrates this story. This is a real story that she faced in her life. In this story, she describes the death of a young guy who was her brother's friend and was also very close to her family. When, where and how the young man died - is narrated in this session.