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The Kohs and some of their family attend a Baptist church service in a nearby Tzeltal village. The event is their eating the body Christ ( their first Communion). The session contains exterior and interior shots of the church, the service, and the Kohs receiving their first communion (although they are obscured by other parishoners in the foreground). It goes late into the night.
The speaker recites a poem, written herself.
DN talks about being stranded on an island because his canoe floated away
El curaca de Pucaurquillo huitoto, Alfonso García, arranca hojas de palta/ aguacate (nomebe; árbol: nomena) como ingredientes para preparar su pasta de tabaco (ampiri, lleera).
The speaker recites a poem, written herself.
Retelling of pear film
Document on the different manioke varieties explaining the differences.
People from the Terra Preta and Boa Esperança villages go to the woods in order to extract the "Genipapo" fruit, which is later processed in order to make a blanck paint.