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Lisepsep at Malver
The story starts with the people of a village, who plan to clear a new area of the bush for agricultural use. A lisepsep watches them cut down trees and bushes, but after they have left, he makes all the vegetation grow back again. When the villagers arrive the next day to continue their work, they see that all they had achieved so far has been undone and they start anew. But the lisepsep works his magic again and their work has been in vain. So they devise a plan to find out what is making the plants grow back. When they realize that a lisepsep is responsible for their hardship, only the slightly challenged Tase is brave enough to catch him. The villagers carry the captive lisepsep along, despite his plea to let him go. They attack him with weapons and throw him into the sea where he turns into a reef which can be seen to this day.