DOBES Archive

Pak Rahmat explains how to cultivate rice from preparing the field to selling the harvest to a fabrik. Afterwards he was asked to introduce himself.
Recording of a lengthy lelegesan. Recorded during NH's first fieldtrip toTolitoli in 1988. During recording the cassette had to be turned over, so there exist two mediafiles.
Third attempt of CL to get intonational data on questions, declarations and imperatives by asking somebody to enact the prepared material. But as this instruction wasn't clear enough, WN just asked to read the sentences which caused some difficulties as people are not used to read the Totoli language. But because the sentences were reproduced several times some quite natural utterances could be recorded.
SR ckecking control sentences and forms reflexiva_neu.doc
Pak Usman reports about meeting NH back in 1988 and explains the idea of the upcoming project to his mates. This is the second recording of this conversation, it was already recorded once earlier in the morning but the microphone did not work.
Ibrahim tells story about an orang utan, a last born child, and a small funny person.
Geistliche Lieder –Yali-Sprache ; Kein Transskript; songs; 00:06; 01:14; Ye-o-a yo-a-ae; ; ; Christian_song_traditional_melody_22 01:14; 05:16; Ye-ye-o-ae ya-ya-o-ae; ; ; Christian_song_traditional_melody_23 05:16; 06:53; Wa-o-i wa-o-i-o; ; ; Christian_song_traditional_melody_24 06:53; 08:50; Yi-ha-i-ha wa-i-o; ; ; Christian_song_traditional_melody_25 08:50; 11:54; Yi-i o-e-a ya-a-wa-a-e; ; ; Christian_song_traditional_melody_26 11:54; 14:56; Wo-i wa-eo wo-i wa-eo; ; ; Christian_song_traditional_melody_27 14:56; 15:31; Ye-o ya; ; ; Christian_song_traditional_melody_28 15:31; Bis Ende; Streichkonzert